Feedback tool to evaluate product/service.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any product or service.Poll is a tool built to serve this purpose.



Completely Offline

Poll does not require an active internet connection. As the data is stored securely in the device.

No Login / Sign Ups

No login or sign-up is required from you or your audience, each person will be voting anonymously.

Instant Results.

You can view/share the poll results immediately, also keep track of previous poll results.

How Poll works?

  • Install Poll

    Download the Poll app from google play store to your phone or tablet.

  • Create Poll

    Create poll by clicking on the plus button in the app and configure the options, let the audience cast their opinions.

  • View Results

    At the end of the day you can view/share your poll results.

Try Poll for free!

Big, small, online, offline, local or international.
Size doesn't matter, customers feedback's do matter.